Help From Occupational Therapists for Older Drivers

With April being the month to celebrate the work of occupational therapists, one of the important everyday tasks they help with is driving for older adults. Providing support for the physical and cognitive changes occurring in older adults is a typical role for occupational therapists. They can be a great asset to the children of older drivers by working on the skills needed by their parents to continue to be behind the wheel. The occupational therapist makes the driving discussions less threatening, provides a driving evaluation, and determines plans for the driving future of older drivers. To learn more, click on Keeping Older Drivers Safe On The Road from the American Occupational Therapy Association.

April Is All About Parkinson’s Disease

Shirts with Magnets for Buttons

Shirts with Magnets for Buttons

Did you know there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease? Did you know, in most cases, the cause of Parkinson’s Disease is unknown?

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Despite no cause and no cure, there is important information to be found at Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. You can learn about the symptoms like hand tremors or the medications and treatments available. Also, PDF is a great resource for hotline help, caregiving assistance, clinical trials and current events.

A resource to cope with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s Disease is at with their Assistive Devices for Parkinson’s. At this online provider of products to help with the aging process, one can find aids to daily living including shirts with magnets for buttons, long handle grooming devices, meal time aids and many more devices to make life a little easier despite the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease.


Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is the month to remind yourself about having a colonoscopy. Progress has been made in the fight against colon cancer with the death rate declining by almost 50% in the last 25 years. Screening has played a major role in this decline. If you are over 50 and have not had a colonoscopy, you need one. If you are over 60 and it has been more than ten years since your last colonoscopy, you need one.

If you do not want to listen to this blog, listen to this doctor.

Valentine’s Day is National Organ Donor Day

Flowers and chocolates are nice. Giving someone a better life is special. For you and for them.

Take the steps now to be an organ donor. Go to to learn how to be an organ donor. It’s easy. It’s simple. Organ donation saves lives. About 79 people in the United States receive an organ transplant each day. About 22 people do not. Those 22 people do not get another day to wait for your help. Become an organ donor.

Go Red for Women’s Heart Health on February 5

February is American Heart Month and a growing part is women’s heart health. The American Heart Association reports that women often ignore the signs of a heart attack. Many of the heart disease research reports focus on men. So everyone is joining the GO RED for Women on the first Friday in February. Make it important in your house, place of work, and with family and friends. Find out more at Health Happenings.

Senior Small Puzzle Day on 1/29

IMG_0818If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia, keeping the person mentally and physically challenged every day is a difficult task. Factor in the stage of the disease and the difficulty increases.

With National Puzzle Day this month, what an excellent time to challenge your loved one with a small piece puzzle. Interesting and memory filled 12, 26 and 56 piece puzzles are excellent activities to bring joy to your loved one. Puzzles about baking, gardening, seasons of the year, sports and more.

Click on Puzzles at for an activity you will be happy for, too!

World Diabetes Day

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. The emphasis this year is on healthy living with proper nutrition and exercise. Start each day right with both, especially a healthy breakfast. Click for the Top Ten Risk Factors for Diabetes from

World Stroke Day

October 29, 2015 is World Stroke Day. The World Stroke Association and the American Stroke Association support the acronym F.A.S.T. Learn the signs of a stroke and how the signs are put to music representing the letters. Support this important day around the world. Enjoy the musical version of the signs. Help change the over 6 million lives a year around the world that end after a stroke.

World Alzheimer’s Day

September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. This is a great time to remind yourself of the 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


Medicare: 50th Anniversary

On July 30, 1965, President Johnson signed into law Medicare which provided health insurance coverage for older Americans. This law took many years to come together, but it met important needs of providing access to health care for Americans over the age of 65 and protection from financial problems with expensive medical bills.

The law has evolved over time to provide additional protection for other groups of people, but the key components noted above have been the greatest reasons for older Americans to be thankful for this successful government program for the last 50 years.

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